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Cracking The Creative Sleeping Arrangements Code

Happy Winter Solstice!

Christmas is JUST a days away and if you're anything like us, you like to pack em' in like sardines over the holidays! Today, I had a client reach out to me to ask me about creative sleeping arrangements for her holiday guests when you don't have a bedroom to spare! So without further adieu.....

6 ways to crack the creative sleeping arrangements code over the holidays!

1. Let's Start With The Captain Obvious Solution....The Sofa! I know, I know, you're smart enough to figure that one out on your own but I want to address all of the accoutrements that come with someone that is sofa surfing at your home over the holidays. You know, the extra set of sheets, the extra blanket and pillow. You don't want to jack up all of the holiday decorating you did so read on!


2. The Santa Sack Solution! Use one of those ginormous gift sacks to disguise the extra blankets and pillows just like this one. You can hide blankets away daily and just place it right next to the Christmas tree! People will think you've been extra nice this year!

Giant Santa Gift Sack

3. Big Box Storage. If you have already have a large box, skip the Santa Sack and opt to wrap it in Christmas paper and use it for extra bedding storage and place under the Christmas tree.

Large Box

4. Inflatable Airbeds: If you are going to use an air mattress, make sure that you invest in a good quality one. There is nothing worse than sleeping on an air mattress that you have to continually add air to throughout the night.

5. Indoor Glamping: If you have camping gear on hand, you can create an indoor Glamping Experience for the little ones or even to give a couple a sense of privacy.

6. Give Me My Privacy: Try to create a sense of privacy for your guests. That may mean rearranging furniture, bringing in a privacy screen or temporarily hanging a curtain panel using a tension rod.

Don't forget to mentally prepare! Your daily routine will be turned upside down and your house will be a hot mess during this time. Let go of perfection and focus on spending time with your guests.

What are some of your tips for hosting overnight guests in tight quarters, I'd love to hear! Also, I have a couple of spaces on the calendar for some new client projects in the latter part of January. Let me know if you could use some help.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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