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I was recently spotlighted in the December issue of Badassery Magazine and was a guest on their new podcast.

Here's a little summary of our Q and A.

Badass Boss Lady

Q. Tell us a little about you and your business:

A. My design firm is Rachel Moriarty Interiors. It is based in San Diego, CA but I have projects nationwide via my eDesign Service and into Mexico. In fact I'm working on an oceanfront home on the Mexican coast right now.

Badassery Magazine

Q. How do you define the word Badassery?

A. I think that word is one that will evolve for me with time but today I define it as not only being visible but also unapologetically flying your freak flag.

Q. By definition Badassery is to do things that renders all onlookers as awestruck. How do you show Badassery in your daily life?

A. One of the things that I get "side-eyed" for all the time is when I tell people what an extreme introvert I am. What a lot of people don't understand is that SOCIAL MEDIA is the PERFECT disguise for an introvert! For example, this is how introverted I am and how it played out on my wedding day.....moments before my wedding ceremony, I began crying in the bathroom with my mom. When she asked me why I was crying, I said, "Because everyone was going to look at me". I got the biggest most loving kick in the pants I have EVER gotten from my mom in that moment!!!

Now I do a daily Facebook Livestream called Rachel's Daily Riffs, I have a podcast launching in January called Design and Style and I write THIS weekly blog post. I'm also a frequent podcast guest and take the rightful place as the face of my own business.

Q. How do you want to impact the world?

A. I want people to know that they can create a beautiful life and how much their environment can affect their life. I use my home on a daily basis to support my goals. I just finished a 9 day series on my FB page called "FUN SHUI" where I explained some of the decorative cures for different areas of your life. This was scary for me because I'm not a Feng Shui practitioner but when I cam across it a few years ago, I noticed that I was doing a lot of the same cures intuitively.

Q. What are your biggest struggles now?

A. My current struggle is that I would like to shift my business model in a couple of ways in 2017.

I am teaming up with another designer to add vacant home staging to my offerings. Currently, I only do owner occupied home staging.

I was a prop and photo stylist for 15 years and I am adding that into my business. I have a big photo styling project kicking off in January.

I get a lot of private messages and inquiries regarding how I shoot and style my photos of both myself and my projects so I would like to teach that to other designers that can't hire a professional photographer but want to be able to post good photos of themselves and their work.

Q. What is your biggest triumph and how did you overcome that?

A. This past summer, was my first summer home with my kids. I went from Designer to Designated Driver in a day and was completely blind-sided. I was in the car every two hours and had no real blocks of time to work so I decided to move my projects out, work on my business and enjoy the summer with the kids. As summer was coming to an end I started to think about how I had lost momentum in my business and got a download to do a 30 Day Facebook Livestream Challenge. That first 30 days resulted in 6 new projects. I'm still Livestreaming daily.

Q. What would you say to other bosses out there who are trying to show Badassery in their lives and business?

A. You have to be honest with yourself about your limiting beliefs. You have to find a way to push those limits. Hire a coach to help you. Pretty soon that feeling of fear turns into a feeling of excitement, you begin to say, "Yes" and magic happens.

I'm already starting to fill the calendar for January 2017. If whipping your home into shape is on your list of new years resolutions, I can definitely help!

Badassery Magazine

And in case you haven't discovered Badassery Magazine yet, here is a link to their December issue >>>

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