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Imagine You Furniture Shopping In Mexico Like An Expert. Tour My Fave Resource With Me

Suzani Textiles and Fiber Art


Last week, like everyone else we packed up the kids and the car and headed to our parents for an epic Thanksgiving dinner. Our parents happen to live south of the border in Mexico in a little town called Rosarito Beach. They have a home situated right on the Pacific Ocean. Here are some photos from our Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving table is set


View from inside

I was surprised to find out that Black Friday was a thing down in Mexico too.....I mean, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving so.....(scratches head). I heard a rumor that my favorite place, Fausto Polanco, was having a sale while I was there so I was there bright and early Friday morning to check it out.

Vibrant Mexican Suzani Textiles

Mexican Pottery

Hand-Carved Doors

Crosses From Rustic Recycled Wood

Mexican Tin Lanterns

Frida Kahlo Art

Mexican Lanterns and Vibrant Wall Art

I hope that you had a blessed holiday with your family! Christmas is right around the corner and if you need help preparing your home for guests, I do have a few spots available for some 1/2 day or full day room makeovers! Simply click on the contact tab to set up your design service.

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