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An Almost Unbelieveable $5K Kitchen Makeover

Starting the day with coffee.

Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, I thought that I would give you a kitchen tour. I think we can agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. My kitchen is no exception. Like most moms, it's where I spend a huge chunk of my day. I have to tell you, when we first walked through this house the kitchen was straight up uninhabitable. The thing was that we hadn't intended on moving into this house when we did, no elaborate plan, no real renovation savings and since this was a 'fixer upper', the kitchen HAD to be renovated. So we came up with a budget. That budget? Five-thousand-dollars. Unbelievable, right? Here's how we pulled it off.

In a nutshell...

  • We purchased the kitchen cabinets from Home Depot, right off the shelf and more importantly already assembled! Best decision EVER.

  • We used existing appliances.

  • We purchased laminate countertops "slabs". So inexpensive and easy to maintain.

  • We had left over flooring from a project in another space in the home - zero dollars.

  • No backsplash. The countertop has a small backsplash so we decided that the decorative backsplash will be installed as part of Phase II. It's absolutely okay to do your home projects in phases.

  • All of the labor was DIY'd. I laid out and planned the kitchen and the WHOLE family pitched in to help. We have a family of talented tradesmen!

Farmers Market sunflowers

Coffee and pumpkin bread

Roasted pumpkin seeds

The finished $5k kitchen makeover

Kitchen BEFORE $5k makeover

Kitchen style tips:

  • Unlike custom cabinets, these cabinets do not mount flush with the ceiling so adding large basket storage on top of the cabinets carries your eye up and adds additional storage. I hide items like vases and serving platters in them.

  • Add wall art to your space in place of a backsplash.

  • Add a window treatment.

  • Add a large area rug rather than a small mat.

  • Fresh flowers, herbs, recipe books and bowls of fresh fruit bring life into your space.

We are off to Mexico for the Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for sharing this space with me. I am so thankful for you.

The year is not over yet, I can still book your decorating projects for December!

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