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Create A Collected Bedroom Like An Expert. Follow Your Gut To Get There

When I could not find any cute clothing and nursery decor for my son, I started a business call Posies Children's Boutique and produced and sold my own. When I want to dress myself or my home I head to the thrift store, flea markets and estate sales. I'm not even really a Craigslist troller, I like to get out and do the work and get all up in the flea market funk. How do I know what I'm looking for on those searches? I never really do, I just go with my gut. My gut tells me where to go and when and also lets me know when to keep digging and when to walk away. I call them, "intuitive hits" is like the GPS of the junk hunting world.

A well-curated home is not born overnight; it takes years of goose chasing and gut trusting. It takes not caring what other people think is on trend but creating the trends (even if they're just for yourself). I choose items in my home based on what makes me happy. Retro 60's psychedelic rock posters? Not exactly what you would expect to find in a designers home but if everything in your home is something you love, it will all come together and look harmonious in the end.

Bedroom Rendering

I personally have a tendency towards bold and colorful. This I grew up in a house with mallard green wall to wall carpet, sunflower yellow walls in the dining room, green walls in the living room, my room was every color of the rainbow at some point. It was even black before chalkboard and black paint were 'a thing'. This influence has served me well as an adult in my own decorating. Though my childhood home was casual and colorful it was also filled with very high end antiques since my grandma, Rose, was an antique dealer. I was a total antique geek and would give tours to house guests as soon as they walked in......kind of embarrassing now! Interior design in the home I grew up in was never taken too a good way. It was constantly evolving and STILL IS to this day.

My taste is not for everyone and I'm okay with that. You don't live here, I do. That is the most important thing to remember. Forget about those Instagram Feeds and Pinterest boards. Let your design freak flag wave loud proud, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here is a tour of my bedroom - this is the before photo that I took when we walked through the space when we were house hunting. That was then.

Bedroom Before

And this is now...

Collected Master Bedroom

Just like when I was growing up, I have uber expensive antiques mixed with flea market finds. I like to "dress" my furniture so that I can surround myself with things I love. A thrifted shawl became a bedside stool. A tribal necklace on a vintage lamp? Yup, I told you that I "dress" my decor!

Vintage Lamp

Here are some more examples of how I fly my freak flag in my room...

Dressing up my armoire

Fashion meets function

Wicker and 60's retro rock poster

Hand blocked fabric and tassels

Cigar box purses as storage

I love helping people fly their freak flag....let me know how I can help!

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