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Make Your She Shed A Reality

In case you're wondering, the 'she shed' trend is here to stay. Ladies, it's time to stake our claim in our backyards and create a space to call our own. A 'she shed' can be a spot for potting and gardening or just somewhere magical that you can hang out and curl up with a good book or some quiet journaling.

I recently worked on a project, a 1920's home, that had a little 'she shed' just for potting.

She Shed for Potting

She Shed for Potting

I'm not that lucky. We live in a rental so I can't put down permanent roots. This past weekend, we went to Mining Town called Julian and I found my dream mountain gypsy 'she shed'. Is this place totally me or what?

She Shed Exterior

She Shed Goals

She Shed Interior

She Shed - Happy Wife, Happy Life

She Shed Cot

So now I'm obsessed. Do you have a she shed or plans to have one? Let me know! I would love to see it!

I'm accepting new clients already for 2017! People have some house goals next year! Make sure you reach out and get your project on the calendar.

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