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How To Rearrange and Refresh Without Driving Yourself Crazy

I think it’s so rewarding to rearrange and refresh what you already have. It brings new energy into your space and lets you see things in a new way.

Room after the refresh

My client called me to help her with this space when she felt like she hit a wall after trying to make it work many times. This is the first room you see when you walk in the home but it's also the space where her 3 kids like to hang out. The builder intended this space to be a dining room but it is totally disconnected from the kitchen and because the homeowners have three young children, they designated this space for them to play when they were babies. Now that they are a bit older, the kids are accustomed to hanging out in this space but my client wanted it to look a little more pulled together.

It was a tall order to create a space with 'Wow Factor' as soon as you enter the home that was casual enough for the kids to lounge as well as incorporating her existing furniture! My solution? I started by rearranging the furniture. Then I updated her existing furniture by adding lots of cozy pillows, throws blankets, wall art, leather poufs and vintage classic children's books for her children to read while they're lounging since their 'screen time' is very limited.

This is not just any loveseat. This loveseat was used to rock and cradle my clients twin girls and not only has sentimental value but the girls still love rocking on it. I made it a feature in this space. It's the first thing you see when you walk into the home and now has a place of honor. We also replaced the chandelier for a custom ceiling mount fixture.

If your space could use some rearranging and refreshing, I'm your girl! Click on the contact tab to set up your consultation.

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