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Afraid Of Color Adventures

I have many people that follow me on social media that might be a little gun shy about having me in their home. Why? Well, because I share who I am through my personal style. My personal style is pretty bold and vibrant. Guess what? That doesn't matter one bit because I respect you and your personal style and I create spaces that reflect you not me.

After: Sneak in color with book stacks and greenery.

Recently, I got a new client who is an empty nester and was really ready for change in her home. She let me know that her home had been all about her children and having a casual fun environment that they would feel comfortable lounging around in with their friends. It was now time to take her home to the next level. When it comes to her design style, she is traditional and let me know that she does not really like color.

Here are some before and afters of her project...

I just loved this transformation! My client let me know that she is now proud of her home and furniture in it. She makes herself a cup of coffee every morning and sits and enjoys the space before leaving for work. Let me know if I can help you update your home! The holidays are around the corner so please book soon!

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