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The Ultimate Found And Styled Room Project

My clients best friend is named DAV, as in Disabled American Vets thrift store. DAV is her main squeeze for sure but she has several haunts that she visits regularly. She has several spaces in her home that are unfinished so we thought that we would restyle her entire home using only what she already owns! Full disclosure, this woman has an over-abundance of inventory so we have a lot to play with.

Bohemian Glam Bedroom

Her daughters room is the smallest in the house and she felt like she had tried everything. Since the function of this space is sleep I tackled the bed first. There was a full sized bed in there which I switched out for a twin bed from another space. I set it up as a day bed and layered pillows. Her daughter is definitely what I would call Bohemian Glam. She's equal parts Tom Boy and Girly Girl so that was the vibe we were going for in her space. There was already a Tiffany Blue accent wall in the space so I balanced it with textured wovens, whites and a shimmy-shimmy gold tassel light fixture for a touch of glam. She was thrilled with the result!

What an amazing transformation, right? And all with thrifted and free cycled finds! I can't wait to share the other spaces with you! This is a great example of what I can do in your space. I would love to help you with your next project! Click on the Contact Tab to get started!

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