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Wondering How To Rock The Rustic Modern Trend? Read This!

Some styles in home design have staying power while others not so much. Rustic Modern is still having a moment right now but some of it’s trends will eventually date themselves.

Reclaimed wood wall with pipe lighting

Here are five trends that you may look back on in 30 years and say, “OMG Becky, that is soooo 2016”.

  • Pipe Shelving and Curtain Rods: Pipes don’t really sustain an upscale casualness and my guess is that they won’t be around for long.

  • Wood Accent Walls: In general, accent walls are on my naughty list they always make me think that someone either ran out of material, money or fear kicked in. Wood accent walls are very hipster restaurant. The idea of using reclaimed wood checks all of the boxes: recycling (check), adds warmth and texture (check), adds extra pizazz to an interior (check). The fact that reclaimed wood is a really versatile, raw material is a classic example of too much of a good thing. Think 70's dark cork square walls, just sayin'.

  • Barn Doors: I think we will always have the "sliding door", it will just have a sleeker timelessness to it.

  • Pallet Furniture: Pallet anything for that matter is a flash in the pan trend....we use them in our backyard fire pit. True story.

Pallet lounge chairs

Edison Bulbs

Edison Bulbs: I’m a fan but I'm still betting that we’ll be switching these out for some proper lumens once we tire of straining our eyes.

  • Here are some tenets of Rustic Modern that are not trendy per se but rather timeless and enduring:

  • Rustic elements in a modern setting to warm a space up.

  • Modern furniture in a rustic space to make it more livable.

  • Bringing some outdoor elements indoors.

  • A neutral nature-inspired palette is always timeless.

If you need help pulling together a timeless space in your home, click on the contact tab to get the ball rolling!

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