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5 Stylish Ideas For Your Autumn Decorating

Autumn Decor

Autumn is my JAM!!

I don't know about you but I am so ready for cooler autumn weather! I live in San Diego where we have an extremely loooooooong summer season that goes well into October - I know, cue the violins or at least the orange guitar! Personally, I can't even think about changing out the decor until we get that first cold snap on a weekend, football is on the TV and there is a big pot of soup on the stove top and a crispy baguette on the counter. Then I'm all in!

Autumn updates for your home

It really doesn't take much to update your home to reflect the autumn season. In fact, a quick trip to Tar-jay can update your space in a hot minute! I put together this mood board with items that I curated from to add that autumn touch of decor to your home. It will help you transition into the new season with excitement of the passing of the year. Fall decor colors can be rich and robust or subtle and subdued. I like to add in peacock blues and touches of gold for an updated autumn color scheme.

These 5 home decor items will have you jumping into a pile of leaves to celebrate autumn:

1. Add some gourd lamps to go with your real gourds!

2. Don't forget your floors! An area rug in autumn colors is a great way to add warmth to your space.

3. Throws blankets! Layer them on your sofa or in a basket to curl up with on those chilly grey days.

4. I love adding peacock blue throw pillows to the autumn mix!

5. Add a couple of fun bowls to house your mini pumpkins and to serve up a bowl of chili!

If you need help with your autumn and holiday decor, click on the contact tab to set up your consultation.

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