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White After Labor Day?

White After Labor Day? Oh my!

White has come a looooong way, baby!

White is never boring....beige, sometimes but white, never. Back in the day, white was synonymous with Shabby Chic and bad rentals but it's back in a big way! Even HGTV used to have a "White Box Challenge" on one of their design challenge shows. Today, that would be a gift! People are trading in their grey and greige walls for fresh, clean creamy white. And white floors? Don't get me started! I'm swooning over white floors! Now don't get me wrong, grey walls are still having a moment but white is giving it some fierce competition!

If you want to jump on the white train here are couple of ways that you can start to layer it in to your own space:

Walls: Benjamin Moore's Simply White is a go-to paint color for designers and happened to be named the Color Of The Year. It's not the only white though. There are approximately 200 more whites to choose from.....don't worry about choosing the wrong one when there are so many right ones!

Chairs: White paired with wood tones are both modern and warm.

Tassels: Add a little boho touch to your space with a cozy tasseled throw blanket.

Pillows: Flokati pillows are timeless and add a perfect touch of texture to any space.

Side tables: A great way to update a space without spending a fortune.

Planters: Jungalow Style ferns and succulents look amazing in white ceramic planters!

White Decorating Mood Board

Now, I'm known for color but white makes the perfect backdrop and really showcases color. I want to see you rocking some white after Labor Day in your home! If you need help, just click on the contact tab to get the ball rolling. I'll just be sitting here on the corner of Cloud White and bomb-diggity.

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