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How to Convert Your Young Adults Bedroom

Empty nester couple

Your child, I mean, young adult is off to college, leaving you with mixed emotions and an empty nest. First of all, congratulations! I know that you're beaming with pride!

Most college students spend summers and holidays at home so you will need to strike a balance between a space that supports you everyday of the year and a familiar space that your son/daughter will still enjoy coming home to.

Here are a few ideas how you can convert your young adults bedroom.

  • Repurpose some of the existing pieces by giving them a new function or renewing with paint.

  • Invest in a few dual-purpose pieces like daybed or a sofa sleeper.

  • Reconfigure the space so you can add in a slim desk that can also serve as a night stand when your child is home or for an overnight guest. If you intend to mainly use the room as a guest bedroom, consider adding a bench or pair of stools for additional seating and a place for holding luggage

If you’re going to completely stake your claim you could….

  • Create a gym or yoga space

  • Create a craft room/a gift-wrap station/sewing center and desk in one.

  • Create a home office.

  • Turn the space into a closet room.

  • Or the best idea….a snore room! Some women have told me that want a “cold room”. Typically, you go to bed together then the offender starts snoring so loudly that the partner goes to the snore room to catch some zzzzzz’s. So much better than the sofa!

If you need help converting your extra bedroom into a space you can use for yourself, I'm always happy to help! Simply click on the Contact Tab to get the ball rolling!

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