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Modern Vintage Decor

Treasure Trove

What is Modern Vintage Décor anyway?

Modern vintage décor is the blending of inherited or hunted pieces and pairing them with contemporary pieces in a modern space. If you have been following me for a while, you know that Modern Vintage happens to be my jam and I have reincorporated this into my business. I showcase my treasure hunting, reimagining and reviving skills at Pop Up Shop locations throughout San Diego so make sure you sign up for my newsletter to find out about my next one. I may or may not raffle off one of my popular design services at them!

Here are 5 ways you can revive, renew, reimagine, reuse and repurpose Modern Vintage Décor in your home.


You can revive a vintage piece of furniture by updating the fabric or color.


Renew a piece like a dresser with paint and new hardware to make it work in your space.


Reimagine a new use for an old piece. Bar carts are a perfect example. Once used Mad Men style to house your spirits, you can also use them outdoors for entertaining or in kids rooms, dorm rooms or kitchens for extra storage.


Reuse vintage art on your walls mixed with contemporary pieces.


Old rugs are great for repurposing. You can use them to reupholster an ottoman, you can layer them for a bohemian look or you can hang them as wall art.

Reimagined vintage pieces are the ultimate affordable custom solutions for your home!

Out treasure hunting

As always, if you still need help incorporating vintage pieces in your home, I'm always available to help. Click on the contact me tab to set up your consultation.

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