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Greys: Anatomy Of A Bedroom Redesign

Do you crave a color palette for your bedroom that is equal parts soothing and bright and cheery? That's exactly what my client requested for her master bedroom! My client was heading into the retirement season of her life and will be spending more time at home. She wanted her bedroom to feel like a sanctuary but also needed to be mindful about how much she invested in this space. Her bedroom hadn't been updated in over a decade and had hunter green carpet, yellow walls, burgundy and lace curtain panels, heavy furnishings and too many furniture pieces for her space. Look at how I updated this space on a budget.

Here's what I did:

  • The Walls: We updated the walls with a Sherwin Williams paint color called Elephant Ear.

  • The Floors: This space is a converted garage so we replaced the hunter green carpet with a more modern low pile grey carpet.

  • The Windows: We added new trellis window treatments in teal.

  • The Headboard: We replaced the large wood headboard with an airy iron scroll headboard that doesn't block the window.

  • The Bedding: We updated the bedding in a teal, white and grey color scheme. We added a special soft blanket at the foot of the bed just for her dogs to use.

  • Accent Color: The teal and grey color scheme was beginning to feel a little to cool and bland in this space so I added yellow as an accent color to energize and cheer up the space.

  • The Fireplace: The fireplace is a beast but we couldn't make any changes to it at this time so I played down all of the brick by restyling it with light colors to balance it's heaviness.

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