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Blue Bedroom Adventures In Mexico

I was asked to redesign this guest bedroom in a beach house in Mexico. The room had all of the elements to make it a functioning guest bedroom but the challenge was to make this antique bedroom set look like it belonged in a beach house. I used the ocean as inspiration and added blue bedding and blue linen window treatments to the space. Then taking inspiration from a piece of art that was going in the room I layered in jewel tones in an exotic print. Et voila, a space that is as relaxing as it is colorful and bold.

Along with looking great, there's quite a bit of history in this space, here's the low down on the pieces about the space:• The Bed: It dates back to the 50's and belonged to their parents. Their father had actually cut one of the finials on the bedpost because it used to block his view of the television. The bedroom set anchors the space with its warm wood tones.• Bedside Lamps: I brought in gourd shaped lamps to add a retro modern vibe to the space. The gourd shape also mimics the finials on the bedposts and gives it a cohesive feel.• The Wall Art: All of the wall art and photography were existing pieces that the client already had. The husband is a photographer and musician and these pieces reflect his passion for both.• The Bedding: All new in beautiful blues and jewel tones.

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