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Frida Kahlo Inspired Room

When I recently got asked to redesign a beach house in Mexico, I was secretly hoping that I would be able to sneak a little Frida Kahlo action in there somewhere. Frida is absolutely one of my favorite artists. I wear a Frida Kahlo necklace nearly everyday of my life and my friends and family are constantly finding me Frida trinkets here and there. It's not just her art that inspires me, it's her tehuana clothing, chunky primitive jewelry and bohemian spirit that speaks to me.

When I first consulted in my clients house, I proposed that we reupholster a recliner in a fabric called "Frida's Garden" and guess what? They said, "yes"! The space is colorful and fun but still relaxing for guests heading south of the border for some siesta time. Have a look!

If you have a guest room that you need help updating, I'm at your service. Click on the contact me tab to set up your consultation.

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