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Things You Should Know About Your Designer

If you’re reading this and are thinking of hiring me to redesign a space for you, there are a couple of things that I want you to know about me. You know, juicy things. Things that you won't find on my "About Me" page but that I think you should know anyway. Mmmmm-kay?

Me out on a treasure hunt

I'm a treasure huntress. I spend my free time at estate sales, yard sales and flea markets.

I started thrifting when I was 12 years old.

I’m stylish in bohemian artsy way. If you’re looking for a designer in a navy suit with a headband and pearls, I’m not your girl.

I’m an introvert and when I tell people that, they never believe me. I can be very social but I need to retreat to the Bat Cave (or Mom Cave in my case) to re-energize.

I get my most creative ideas while I’m driving or doing something fun.

I’m witty (and sometimes naughty way).

I’m transparent but not TMI.

I laugh often and I laugh LOUD. Can’t help it, my friends nicknamed me Pterodactyl.

You will probably wonder what my ethnicity is….it’s okay, everyone does. My friends call me the “Latina Filipina”.

My father was an artist and architect…. no surprise there.

I am not easily impressed, but I am easily amused.

I LOVE Frida Kahlo - I even designed a room for a client in Mexico around her! Yes, I reupholstered a chair in Frida fabric!

I have travelled the globe extensively and even lived in the Middle East. I share that because those travels have influenced my design aesthetic. I like bold, I like pattern, I like texture. I like color.

My latest obsession is cacti. I know, don't ask.

I’m intuitive but not a mind reader so if we work together, use your words, not Vulcan mind tricks.

Today is my birthday - June 5th. That means I'm a Gemini if you're into that sort of stuff.

I believe that style matters. In fact, I know it does. I've seen the transformative effect it has on peoples lives.

When I design your home, I want it to look and feel like you.

My mission is to help people love their home whether they own it or rent it.

If you’re still reading this and still want to work together…. Click on the contact me tab. I can pretty much promise you we’re going to have some fun working on your home together!

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