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Pop Up Like It's Hot

Hello, hello, hello!!!

I want to pop in and show you some scenes from my latest Pop Up Event held as Imperial Grounds Coffee Bar!

We hunted high and low to pull this event together! Each event has it's own vibe based on the items that I am able to source from my top secret treasure troves. This one was full of color and texture! We had a definite boho vibe going on and I was loving it.....and so did our clients! Here's a photo of me in a vintage mumu that I found while I was out sourcing decor items so I thought it was only fitting that I be dressed in head to toe vintage as, it would be rude not to! :-)

Finishing touches on the Pop Up Event

Shopping for her grand daughter

Scene from our Pop Up

I also held a raffle to win a 4 hour room redesign!

The proceeds of our raffle were donated to Go Red For Women, which is a charity that is close to my heart....pun intended.

Go Red for women Raffle event

Saying I had a favorite item is like saying you have a favorite kid buuuuuuuuuut.....this vintage needlework art WAS absolutely my favorite!! So many bold colors and texture! Not to mention that this bad boy is HUGE!

Vintage needlework

It was a huge success and I definitely want to say a big thank you to Imperial Grounds Coffee Bar for allowing us to pop up in their space! And a big low bow thank you to all that came out and supported and shopped!! Love you to the moon and back! We came, we popped up, we sold, we popped down. And, scene.

Packed up and ready to go

Do you want to add a little vintage vibe to your space? I'm an expert at blending the old and the new and the high and low to create a cohesive warm inviting space. I would love to help you with your next project! I'm accepting new clients at the end of July but we can get you on the calendar now!

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