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Whatevs' Ikea


Right off the bat, I need to set the record straight, I am not an Ikea hater like a lot of designers.

In fact, I actually like the modern minimal lines that Ikea is famous for. I think we’ve all been through an Ikea season of our lives. I know I have! When I moved to Dubai, and didn’t have a single spoon to my name, the first place I went to was Ikea. When I moved back to San Diego from Dubai and started over in my tiny apartment, I was right back at Ikea. Even now, I specify items from Ikea in some of my projects when appropriate, typically in kids’ spaces. And I always look forward to their latest collaborations with other designers but this….Really, Ikea? Their latest collaboration is with Katie Eary, a menswear designer out of the UK. She’s creative and she’s bold but I dunno, I’m just not feeling it. Have a look-see for yourself. If they launched this line at Halloween, I might be all in but this is a summer collection.

Ikea Collaboration with Katie Eary

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Have I lost my edge? Let me know your thoughts? Will you be filling your sanctuary with brain pillows anytime soon?

If you need help selecting (non brain) pillows for your space. You know, I'm your girl!

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