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Time For Some Pillow Talk

Yesterday, I was in line at the store with an arm full of pillows for a client ...

Rachel with Pillows

There was a young woman in line next to me admiring them and was inquiring about them. After I told her that I was an Interior Decorator, we started chatting about her living room. She told me that her whoooooole living room was some version of brown. She had beige walls, a brown sectional, beige carpets and wood furniture. This was how our conversation went:

Me: “Wow, sounds like some colorful pillows would help break that up."

Young Woman: “Yeah, but pillows are so expensive!”, I nodded thinking she was referring to custom pillows. “I saw some at Home Goods for $20!!”


Obviously, for this season of her life, a $20 pillow is expensive, I get it so I just left it at that. Then it got me thinking, how much would she feel comfortable spending on decorative pillows? $15? $12? $5?? I really wish I would've asked her but I was so gob-smacked. As she stood at the cashier finishing up her purchases, her husband walked in with two freshly made green juices from the café next door which I happen to know run about $8.00 a pop so they obviously weren’t poverty stricken. That short exchange has not left my mind for some reason so today on the blog we’re going to have some pillow talk.

Pillows are totally the unsung heroes of decorating a space. For starters, they can instantly update and change the mood of a space. They're also easy to switch out seasonally. And lastly, to a decorator like me, they’re way better to hold onto than a teddy bear!! I can't get enough of them!

Here are some of my faves that are out on the market now in all price points.

Pillow Talk

1. John Robshaw Pillows from Anthropologie - prices range from $288 - $318

2. Chindi Color Block Pillows from West Elm - $59

3. Global Yarn Dyed Pillows from Target - $24.99

At home with Rachel

Full disclosure: These Target Pillows are my jam and are sitting on my sofa right now! Oh, Hello!

If you need help selecting pillows for your space, I'm your girl!

You can message me by hitting the contact tab on my website and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter and hang out with me on Facebook and Instagram!

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