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A Creative Abode To Make Your Uber Stylish Friends Jealous

Florence (pronounced the French way, Floo-ronss) is a content writer for creative entrepreneurs and has major street cred. She is totally stressed out because she is obviously a creative herself but she can’t seem to translate that creativity and her personality into her home. On the weekends she loves strolling through vintage fleas, farmers markets and Anthropologie when she makes her way to an actual mall. She has an eclectic mix of furniture in her home (but not in a good way). She needs help.

Florence recently moved into the cutest bungalow near the city center that has a mad vintage vibe with all of it's built-ins and original tiled bathroom and clawfoot tub. She can walk to her Pilates studio, local coffee bar and restaurants. Her uber stylish friends have talked her into hosting a housewarming party in her new digs. She wants to invite some of her creative clients but she’s afraid to let them see her new pad in it's current state (which is reminiscent of her old college dorm). In steps her Interior Decorator to save the day. Her Decorators' design process starts with what she owns and then builds on that to create a cohesive curated look. There are some things that Florence just can't part with such as her green vintage lights and her velvet tufted sofa - this is what we did.

Florence's Creative Abode Mood Board

Oh, and by the way, Florence’s party was the #bomb! Her creative clients were blown away by her new digs! They told her that her home was just like they imagined, an eclectic mix of furniture and art with a vintage modern vibe. They already thought she was the bees knees to begin with but now they not only wanted to work with her but hang out with her as well! They are fan girls for sure and sing her praises all over town! Her business is now bustling from all of the new referrals. And those uber stylish friends of hers? Well, they are waaaaaaay jealous to say the least…not that Florence minds one bit!

Do you need help creating a home that makes all of your uber stylish friends green with envy? Click on the Contact Me tab to set up your consultation. Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter and if you want to get more social, Like me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram where I hang out pretty much all the time!

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