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3 Reasons Why You Should Just Stop

After speaking with many moms and home dwellers like you, it’s become clear to me that the problem that people have with decorating their homes isn’t the lack of time or money or ideas. The problem is not doing anything with them. And the other problem? Not hiring someone who can. You know what I say to that? Just stop.

Just Stop

1. Just stop wasting time. Living in a beautiful home isn't reserved just for the upper echelon. You don't have to live in a home that drains your energy. Listen, if you could get to the finish line yourself you’d be there already. It’s okay to have someone help you get your home in order. I KNOW that you’ve hired a personal trainer to help you meet your fitness goals, a nutritionist to help you meet your health goals and probably a therapist to help you meet your mental health goals. In my experience, hiring a designer can be just as healing so don’t waste another day living in a home that doesn't uplift you.

2. Just stop wasting money.

You fell in love with a gorgeous navy blue velvet chesterfield sofa in the showroom but when you got it home it was waaaaay too big for your small mid-century home. Womp, woooomp….thousands of dollars down the drain.

Scale is not something that comes natural to most people but designers are experts at it. Purchasing the wrong scale of furnishings can be an extremely costly mistake. In fact, it’s waaaay more expensive of a mistake than booking a design consultation.

3. Just stop pinning and spinning your wheels.

If you’re reading this blog, you are most likely inspired but overwhelmed with ideas! You have more decorating Pinterest Boards than anyone you know. I can help you make sense of those ideas. My super power is looking at your space, then finding the thread that runs through all of your inspiration photos and turning it into a uniquely you space.

Here's the rundown, taking your decorating ideas and making them a reality isn’t impossible. It’s not a dream. It just takes skills you haven’t developed. Hiring a designer isn’t just for the upper echelon. You don’t need a ton of money in order to have a well-decorated home. You just need me (I know, shameless plug). As always, if you want help getting your home looking fab, click on the Contact Me tab and I'll get right back to you.

Let's have some coffee talk

Exciting News! On Saturday, April 9th I will be hosting my first ever Pop Up Vintage Trunk Show at Imperial Grounds Coffee Bar!! It's going to be a combination of all of my favorite things! There will be music, there will be coffee and there will be vintage home decor!

You know I love coffee and I know you love coffee so I've created a BRAND NEW service called "Buy Me Coffee". I will be offering it at the introductory price of $50.00 for a 1/2 hour session. You bring your design dilemma and I'll bring my A-Game so you can get your house looking on point!!

Buy Me Coffee

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