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Home Remedies for the Holidays

I like to decorate my home simply for the holidays (by Decorator standards anyways).

As my home makes it’s transition to holiday ready, I intentionally focus not only on how my home looks but also on how it FEELS.

Here are my 4 tips to change the energy in your home for the holidays.

Tip 1: Clean.

This is the first thing I tell my clients to do even if their home appears to be clean. There is no better way to change the energy in your home than to give it a good old-fashioned cleaning! For example, have you ever had your home cleaned while you were at work all day and as soon as you returned home and opened the front door, it just FELT different? That’s what I’m talking about. Not convinced? Maybe you’ve had an elderly neighbor ask you to help them with something and as soon as you walked into their home you got that weird sense that they haven’t opened a window since 1973? That’s stagnate energy and dust, my friend. So throw open all of your windows and doors while you clean (in Southern California this is not a problem) and get to work. Pay special attention to the corners of your room, they get sneaky dusty.

I like to use aromatherapeutic household cleaning products like Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, J.R. Watkins and Caldrea. How could Pamplemousse scented all purpose cleaner not make you happy?

Tip 2: Declutter.

I know that decluttering is all the rage right now (thank you Marie Kondo) but it’s totally legit, and yes, life changing. Take this opportunity to declutter as you are putting up your holiday décor. Bonus, donate it and get your last donation slip of the year for your taxes!

Tip 3: Aromatherapy.

In your home, you can use essential oils, candles and even create your own potpourri on the stovetop using combinations of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, mint, lavender and spices. Your home will smell fresh and divine darling.

Tip 4: Color.

Just because apple red and kelly green are the traditional colors of Christmas doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with them. Try using a jewel tone like purple, pair soft mint green with red, use a deep pine green with burlap. If you tend to get the holidays doldrums then use colors like orange and yellow to lift your spirits.

There really are no absolute rules or Christmas Police that will come and take you to Color Jail....promise.

This year, intentionally create a home that FEELS warm, welcoming and fresh not only for your guests but also for YOU.

Thump. Drops the mic.

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