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Transform Your Kids Room into a Guest Room

I live in what could best be described as a ‘cozy home’. In other words, it’s small. Like yours, our house gets busy around the holidays with overnight guests, which means that my kids rooms turn into guest rooms. Although I don’t believe that you should decorate your kids room around the fact that you may or may not have an overnight guest in your home, there are some smart choices that you can make when designing it in case it will have to pull double duty. If the room size allows it, I always put full sized beds in kids rooms. As a mom, it's great for reading bedtime stories and on those nights that you have to sleep with your little one. It also makes an easy transition to a guest room.

You can transform your kids room into a guest room in no time with these tips.

Clean and Declutter:

Clean the HECK out of that room! Make that room sparkle and even pull out paint to touch up scratches or colored pen marks on the walls. This is a good time to donate clothes, organize drawers, closets and toys so it FEELS clean and organized.

The Bed:

Your guests know that they are staying in a kids room so the best thing that you can do is wash all of the bedding and make the bed simply.

If it is usually layered with plush toys, do your guest a favor and store them away.

Wall Décor:

This is the perfect example of simple wall decor. It blends with the theme but is still a relaxing space for a guest.


Wipe down the nightstand and remove any stickers that might be on there (I’m writing from personal experience). Place a small lamp on there and make your guest feel welcome by adding a candle, fresh flowers, a couple of books or magazines, a bottle of water and a small tray for jewelry and keys.

Suitcase Stand:

Create a suitcase stand using a side chair or even children’s art table.

Above and beyond:

Have the WiFi code already on the nightstand. Add a nightlight to the room. Does the pitter patter of little feet start at 6am every morning? Leave some earplugs and an eye mask next to the bed. Always leave an additional blanket or throw in the room in case it unexpectedly gets chilly overnight.

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