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Colorful Curb Appeal

Confession time...

I am having a secret love affair with Tucson, Arizona. Tucsonians are super friendly, a little bit cowboy and a little bit boho. I am in love with the landscape and the architecture and I'm always eye-balling their drought tolerant landscapes.

Even though I live in San Diego, I work on a lot of home projects in Tucson. Since most of the projects that I do in Tucson are via my eDesign Service, I rarely get to see my finished projects in person.

This past weekend, I was in Tucson to meet with a new client and was able to check in on some of the projects that I worked on this past year. Although I am an “Interior” Decorator, sometimes I get requests to consult on exterior projects too. This mid century ranch home needed a little pick me up. I consulted on the exterior paint and outdoor accents and created a bright welcoming space.

Adding Curb Appeal to your home is not just a tool to put it on the market.

It's the first impression that people have of your home. It sets the tone as you enter your space. It's especially important during the holidays when we tend to have more visitors. Your guests will feel welcome as they are walking up to your front door.

Add a dash of Curb Appeal to your home before the holidays.

Easy Curb Appeal fixes anyone can complete before the holidays...

  • Give your trim a facelift with a fresh coat of paint.

  • Create a conversation area.

  • Add fresh plants and flowers.

  • Add outdoor pillows to pack a colorful punch.

  • Consider adding talavera planters or paint your terracotta pots in bright colors.

Maybe you have a space in your house that could use some colorful accents. Click the contact tab or the ‘Let’s Get Started’ button throughout my website.

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