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Decorate With Mexican Flair

Mexican Flair in the home is so much more than sombreros, sunflowers and chili peppers. The essence of Mexican Flair is a cheerful, bright and welcoming space. You can incorporate the essence of Mexico in your own home simply by adding a few key details like:

Rustic Furnishings

Rustic Ceramics

Talavera Dishes and Tiles

Star Chandelier

- Vibrant Mexican Flair Mood Board -

Rachel Moriarty Interiors has gone international!

My latest project is located in the coastal town of Rosarito, Mexico - about an hour south of the border. The project is a guest room in a gorgeous home located right on the pacific ocean. It's going to be tough, I may have to travel there frequently for margaritas, I mean, meetings. I also foresee having to sit and stare at the ocean for hours on end just for inspiration sake.

Here is a peek at where I'll be working...

For this project, I am taking my color inspiration from the vibrant colors you see in Mexico as well as the ocean blues. I love strong saturated colors, my aesthetic is strongly influenced by mexican culture and art - probably because I live in such close proximity to border. Not to mention that I call Frida my Patron Saint of Creativity. I was thrilled when my client signed off on this image of her - it's truly one of the most inspiring projects to work on.

- Vibrant Mexican Flair For The Guest Room -

Sticking to the south of the border theme today. Today is Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This Mexican holiday focuses on remembering friends and family who have passed. Decorate your home for this holiday with candles, vibrant mexican textiles, crosses, marigolds, calaveras (painted skulls). The calaveras are put out to remind us to celebrate our lives and mortality, to look at the past and future, all the while being present.

- Vibrant Mexican Flair for Dia de los Muertos -

Ready or not, here come the holidays, If you need help getting YOUR guest room ready you can click on the Contact Tab or the Book Now Button on Facebook. There is still time to book a half day or full day Room Restyle using what you own.

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