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9 Things Ellen DeGeneres and I Share in Common

What? You and Ellen don't have Design Degrees?

Ellen de Generes and I should be probably be "besties", we have so much in common!

  1. We are both rocking Pixie Cuts – what more is there to say about that?!

  2. We are both Vegan – eating plants has been the best change I’ve ever done for myself. She has a personal vegan chef and I even have his cookbook. See?

  1. We are both self taught decorators – I don't have a degree in Interior Design. I used to be aplogetic about that, but that ship has sailed. What I do have are natural born gifts and talents and three decades of work experience under my belt as: a Fashion Photo Sylist , Prop Photo Stylist, Visual Merchandiser, Advertising Minion, Boutique owner with a line of Nursery Furniture and Decor, Children's Fashion Designer, Home Stager, over 10 years of experience as an Interior Design Consultant/Specialist, Interior Redesigner and Interior Decorator. I've got the chops and street cred. I think Ellen does too.

  1. We both think Portia de Rossi is hot – I have a girl crush, so what?!

  1. We both have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. Admittedly, Ellen’s a whole lot funnier than I am but I do love me some funny!

  2. We both love animals. Okay, so, she loves many. I love my one and only cat Radar Love and a few other special 4-legged characters in my life. Maybe it's a stretch, don't care.

  3. We are both multi-passionate individuals - most creatives are. I’m a crafter, DIY’er, a maker, a thrifter, a flea market fanatic, an estate sale junkie, an Etsy Seller, a blogger, a picture taker, a visual storyteller and decorator.

  4. We both love HGTV – Ellen’s the host of Ellen’s Design Challenge and I love to watch it. Close enough.

  5. We are both looking forward to the launch of her new book titled, HOME.

There’s been whole lotta' hullabaloo in the Design Industry about Ellen’s new book.

Personally, I don’t get it. Some of the biggest names in interior design—including the illustrious Nate Berkus and Jonathan Adler -- were self-taught. My personal favorite designer Emily Henderson, studied to be a professor of comparative literature. Kate Spade, famous fashion designer, is now expanding into interior design and holds a degree in journalism.

Back to my girl, Ellen. She has renovated over a dozen homes over the last twenty-five years. I don’t think that she’s diminishing Interior Designers in anyway. She’s creatively expressing herself, sharing her gifts, sharing photos of homes she’s owned and her current home. She’s also collaborated with other designers that are sharing their photos and tips. I celebrate and applaud any woman that finds her passion and shares it with the world. It only adds to the pot, it takes nothing away.

Ellen de Generes, you keep doing you.

I’m looking forward to forking over my hard earned $21.00 to you when your new book comes out.

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