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An S.O.S From Williamsburg Brooklyn

A distress call from New York...

I received a call the other day, seemingly out of the blue, a design S.O.S of sorts from one of my long time friends that I hadn't spoken to in a couple of years (time flies!). Her daughter, a talented artist, is starting school at Parsons and had just moved into an apartment in Williamsburg Brooklyn. She was only there for the weekend and knew that I could tackle this project virtually. She did a quick run through of the challenges they were having - rental with white walls, no storage, tiny rooms and a young woman with lot's of stuff. Challenge accepted.

Since I am in my living room on the west coast and this project is in New York, I like to get a sense of the actual area. Photos of the rooms are a must but what is the vibe of the neighborhood? I started my research. Williamsburg, is one of Brooklyn’s most popular neighborhoods with lots of creative energy and a young vibe. It’s been a mecca for young creatives for over a decade. Perfect for a student at Parsons!

The next thing I do is check out their junk!

Williamsburg has lots of vintage and retro shops but Craigslist is where I like to go. And Williamsburg, I sure love your junk! Here are a few things I found while trolling Craigslist. The photo below was take from the apartment - what an inspiring view!

I am a tried and true Treasure Huntress.

Always have been, always will be. It’s actually how we Moriarty's connect as a family. My husband collects and restores vintage Coleman camping lanterns and stoves. He refurbishes them to sell but he’s more of an aquirer! Typically, people like us are just shy of being a hoarders anyway, let's be honest. Our Coleman Lanterns hang off the rafters like little soldiers. I've lost count of how many we have at this point. I think our garage would look so lonely and colorless without them to be frank. It's a love story, what can I say! And when the power goes out, we can light a small city.

And me? I like to hunt vintage home décor.

I like pieces that I can either restore or refresh with paint and pretty much anything mid century. My daughter, India Rose, is a Treasure Huntress by nature and has an eye for vintage tin toys. So, I am so excited that this week I will be launching my new Etsy Store called Casita Casita – "Vintage Décor and Modern Design For Your Casita"!! Yay! It’s like having my very own online Flea Market and we all know I love a good Flea! My design services and packages will also be available to purchase. Local clients will be able to purchase in-home consultations or blocks of time for larger projects. I am also offering E-Design Packages as well as many a la carte services that I get requests for over and over like Wall Art Selection or Color Palette Selection. I have my favorite "Pimp My Rental" Package on there as well because I believe ALL renters should fully inhabit their living space even if they’re only there for a year.

Some of the things that I will be offering are: mid century ceramics, vintage tobacciana, mid-century magazine or vinyl caddies and lots of options to hold jewelry or trinkets.

Do you need help transforming your home from a shell into a reflection of you?

The time is now to create a space where you can flourish.

I can help you with that (shameless plug).

Click on the Contact Tab at the top of my website or the Book Now Button on Facebook to set up a consultation.

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