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What Would Rachel Do? My New and Improved Online Digs and Your Holiday Home PSA

Would you like to know what Rachel would to with this room?

Well, first of all, let me start by saying, rooms like this are what I live for! I chose this master bedroom because there is so much that’s right going on in here! The windows have shutters for privacy, a great wall color, neutral carpet and a lovely tufted headboard. Dream master bedroom, right? Not so much but I can remedy that! Rooms like this are right on the precipice of being awesome it just takes some confidence, creativity, boldness and trust (as in, trust me sister, I’ve got this!)

What I did...

I only added a few key items. No painting, no moving furniture, just artful layering of bold pattern and color. Here’s a tip, and I’ve got tons, if you’re color shy, navy is the way to go. It’s a great tool for high contrast decorating and can be both conservative or modern eclectic. You can use it with white or choose a fun accent color to sprinkle though out the space. I was feelin’ green (not green with envy, kelly green). I added a pair of campaign nightstands, new lighting, bold patterned window panels and artwork. Then I added some extra layers on the existing bedding and a little bench at the end of the bed to sit and put your shoes on, or in my case….pile your clothes on, let’s be honest.

This room isn’t the only thing I’ve been busy working on.

I’ve also been updating my online digs. Feel free to look around and let me know what you think! I’ve added my Etsy Store, Casita Casita, just click on the tab. I now have to have somewhere to peddle all of my little lovelies that I hunt at estate sale and flea markets!

One last thing...

I know that you have family flying in for the holidays. If you need help getting your home ready, please let me know….like, now. Before you start pulling out your hair like this....

Go to my "Services" page, I have a “One Day Room ReStyling” Service. That might be just what you need. I always try to accommodate but there is only one of me so let’s get started early so your home will look incredible for all of those holiday Facebook posts!

Use the Contact Tab at the top of my website or the Book Now Button on Facebook to set up a consultation.

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