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A Girlie Boho Bedroom ReStyle (for just a few bucks)

Once upon a time...

I owned a children’s boutique called Posies where I refinished teensy-weensy pieces of spindled furniture and had a line of clothing and nursery décor called Maison Jaune, named after the sunflower yellow home I was living in at the time. I specialized in designing kids rooms and nurseries. I intentionally designed these spaces to be nurturing and foster growth but could also be easily updated without a major overhaul.

I took the same approach when I designed my daughter's room.

Most people automatically think “pink” when they hear “It’s a Girl” but for me, not so much. I painted the walls a neutral Barnwood color. I also don’t use “children’s furniture” in the spaces, with the exception of a crib and maybe a small chair.

New transition

At the ripe old age of 5, my daughter has recently transitioned into a new phase of her childhood. Each time she does, lo and behold, she asks for a Room ReStyle! Well, not really ‘asks’, she more or less performs a "walk & talk" and tells me all the ways she would update her space. The conversation usually goes something like this, “Mama, I need a place to play with my make-up, I need a place for my jewelry, I don’t play with that doll house anymore, I have to read every night for school so I need a place to store my books, I need a place to do my homework…..” well, you get the picture. All very valid points and I, as her personal minion, I mean, decorator, listen to her very intently. I spent under $20 on this transformation.

The Process:

  • Clean & Clear: I cleared out the room, washed the bedding, pulled the furniture away from walls and cleaned the floors and dusted and furniture. This first step is essential. It makes a world of difference in the way the room feels, not exactly sure why, just trust me on this one.

  • Shop the house: India had recently purchased a little blue vintage light at a Retro Resale we went to a couple of weeks ago. She thought it would be cute if we (or I) repainted it pink and added glitter….and she was right! This is how it turned out! I also swapped out her nightstand for a vintage book table that I renewed with paint.

  • Rearrange it: My daughter has the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie and the spirit of a fairy so we went Boho all the way. I reoriented her bed so that it’s a daybed, reused the canopy and layered on bold patterns and prints.

The room feels completely different.

Our lives are so fluid and transitioning all of the time. Our homes have to transition with us.

Do you have a room that needs to be ReStyled?

Click on the Contact Tab or the Book Now Button on my Facebook Page to set up a Consultation!

I would love to help!

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