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Retro Resale and Lazy Daze

Retro Resale Pop-Up Market

I'm always looking for new places to hunt down vintage treasures. There is a second Sunday pop-up event called Retro Resale I had been dying to check out There were only a handful of vendors but they all had great stuff and there was a warehouse filled with mid century treasures.

Social media is funny and can make you feel stalker-ish.

One of the vendors, Mr and Mrs Decor was there and I only know her from following her on social media. I have always admired her work. She refinishes furniture using Milk Paint and Earth Paints exclusively. I walked up to her to introduce myself and she totally recognized my name because I 'like' and 'comment' on her posts. It was kind of embarassing but cool. We chatted and she was truly a wealth of information. I picked up some Milk Paint in Spearmint and Gypsy Pink to experiment with so expect to see some new pieces soon. It gives me a great reason to hunt some vintage treasures that need some milk paint lovin’.

Lazy Daze Close Call

After we left the Retro Resale Event, we hit up an Estate Sale, because we are hard core like that. As soon as we pulled up, we spotted an older model Lazy Daze RV. We were all over it. It was rough, I mean ROUGH, as in light blue stained shag carpet throughout…..even in the bathroom (I know, GAG). It’s just the kind of thing us Moriarty’s seem to fall in love with.

As we start up the engine and throw out an offer....huh, throw out an offer?? Reality set in. What-The-Heck!! We SO did not come to this Estate Sale to buy a gross RV! We stepped away to check out the treasures inside the house, breathe, let our heart rate normalize, gather our thoughts and attempt to come to our senses. I can tell that the sellers knew they had a fish on the hook. My poker face sucks, that’s why I hate to haggle or do the dance, what ever you call it in the “Picking World”. We narrowly escaped with a few 'smalls' in our trembling hands but we never actually withdrew our offer. We want to see how the Universe wants this to play out.

I have gone over all of the hippie-dippy destinations we can travel to with the family once we’ve made it ours. Big Sur, Red Rocks, Yosemite, the dessert in the fall, the beach in the spring and summer. If not this one, it will be another one. The seed has been planted and I can't wait to see the harvest it brings.

When you Consciously Decorate your home, you are planting seeds with your wishes and desires.

Let me help you plant those seeds of change (shameless plug).

The time is now to create a space where you can flourish.

Use the Contact Tab on my website or the Book Now Button on Facebook to set up a consultation.

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