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ReStyle Your just a day

What is Room ReStyling?

The process of restyling a room is to really celebrate and give value to what you already own. I have a tried and true method where I come in and shop your home then artfully arrange your furnishings, art, accessories and lighting to reflect who you are. Within a day, your room feels more balanced, functional and intentionally decorated.

What I did...

This project was at the home of a young Parish Priest and his family. They recently relocated to San Diego from the Midwest and already had a houseful of furnishings but were never able to make it work in this home as well as it did in their previous home.

Then came baby #1.

Then came baby #2.

....and that's when they called in me, The Decorating Heroine, to rescue them. I restyled this space in a couple of hours. Not one thing was purchased for this project. We were able to pull items out of storage such as his collection of crosses and prominently display them. I mean, you would expect to find a collection of crosses in the home of a priest, it would almost be weird if there wasn't one. His wife is of Indian descent and really wanted me to showcase all of her colorful Indian textiles, artifacts and collection of elephants throughout. This is a young vibrant couple and now their home is a reflection of a couple.

For me, Room Restyling is all about you.

Do you love everything in your home but it just doesn't feel right? Does it feel more like a shell than a home? A one day room restyling is probably what you need.

My passion is coming into your home and making it more YOU just by restyling YOUR ITEMS. Most of my clients have homes that are filled with beautiful items that they just love. The problem is that they don't know how to pull it all together so that it looks intentional. That's one of my superpowers (I have many).

I am not the designer who is going to come in, make you throw everything out and start over from scratch.

No way, Jose. I want to to feel good about what you own and after I'm finished restyling your room, you will!

Do you need help transforming your home from a beautiful shell into a beautiful reflection of you? The time is now to create a safe haven where you can flourish.

Ask for help, I know, shameless plug.

Use the Contact Tab on my website or the Book Now Button on Facebook to set up a consultation.

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