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Teen Bedroom Transformation

Teen Transformation Mood Board

No, I can't transform your teen for you, don't even ask!

But I can transform a space for them that supports their interests and growth.

Installation Day is the final step of the Design Process.

It's the day that I need a really good night's sleep but can never sleep.

It's the day where I make good on my promises that the space will be perfect.

It's the day that Murphy's Law kicks in.

It's the day I get to play.

There is typically a lot of activity happening, final touch-ups on projects and layering on all of the details. It can be both nerve wracking and exciting. Something always goes a little sideways and I have to come up with a solution quickly!

Last night was no exception to the "can't sleep on the night before an installation" rule of thumb. Excitement got the best of me....again. I will make sure that coffee is close by at all times today.

Room in progress...yup, a mattress on the floor. Inspiring right?

Just wait until you see the "Before Shots"...

16 year old boys room waiting to be finished

Before: Room Redesign

Before: Room Redesign

What I did...

I updated the room to align with this teenage boys current aesthetic.

Minimal eclectic.

He's a gamer and still wanted personality in the space but I intentionally calmed the chaos and clutter in the space to support his growth as he transitions through his teens. Now it's a nourishing space that fosters growth and creativity.

After: Room Redesign

Do you need help transforming a room in your home?

I can transform your room from a shell into a reflection of you.

The time is now.

Let me know how I can help (insert shameless plug).

Use the Contact Tab on my website or the Book Now Button on Facebook to set up a consultation.

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