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Fixes To Love Your Home and Gain Some Mental Clarity

Fall is my jam.

I always get a burst of renewed energy to do some fall fixing. If life were a football game we’d be in the fourth quarter right now. Since we are heading into the busiest time of the year, we need to prepare to finish 2015 strong. There’s that and the fact that it’s only 50 days, 4 hours, 18 minutes until the red Starbuck’s cups reappear (fact).

Fall fixes for mental clarity are a little different than just displaying pumpkins on your mantle and burning cinnamon scented candles. I'm talking to you today as your BFF and Soul Care Specialist. I want you to dig a little deeper and do some work.

Your home is your sacred space. You have total control of the way it looks and feels. It should support you and reach out and hug you at the end of a busy day. It should energize you and make you feel good about yourself and your life.

Here's my 4 step plan to love your home and gain mental clarity.

Step One: Take a Tour

Imagine that you are giving someone a tour of your home. You can do this mentally but I encourage you to do it physically. You will have a much stronger connection to how your rooms make you feel when you are physically in them. Walk through each room and give it a ranking on the “0 to 10 Scale” of how it makes you feel. 0 = Immediately zaps your energy and makes you want to run out of the house screaming. 10 = Julie Andrews singing, The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music. In addition to scaling the room, jot down how each space makes you feel.

Step Two: Access the Damage

Go over your notes and focus on the spaces that zap your energy. See how fixing that space would affect your daily life.

For example:

  • What is the state of your master bedroom? Does it reflect what’s happening in your relationship? Does your relationship and your partner need more attention? Do you need to add some romance to that space? If you don’t have a partner, does it support YOU enough? Is it restful? And if you would like to have a partner to share that space with, have you created space for that person? Is there an empty nightstand on the other side of the bed and extra room to share a closet?

  • Is your home office cluttered and unorganized? Can you imagine how giving it some attention would help your workflow and focus, if you work from home?

  • Do you have a spare room that houses “stuff”? It might be time to give it some function as a guest room, craft room, home office or soul care retreat.

Step Three: Take It One Step Further

Your rooms may be on point but something still doesn't feel quite right. Here are some more spaces you can tackle.

  • The junk drawer. It may be time to go through your junk drawer and organize it so you at least know what’s in there.

  • What about your medicine cabinet? Do you have expired medicines? Are you equipped for flu season when it hits?

  • What’s the state of your closet? As Marie Kondo says in her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, if it doesn’t light you up when you touch it, throw it out! Maybe your closet is telling you that you haven’t focused on yourself or your personal style in a while….like decades!

Step Four: Find New Uses For Old Things

  • Use it or lose it, I say. If you have some vintage collectibles, find a way to use them! A mid-century ashtray as a jewelry holder? Heck yeah, perfect on a nightstand or on a bathroom vanity.

  • Vintage ceramics are great to house office supplies or even craft supplies like colored pencils. Adult Coloring, anyone? No? Nevermind.

I have so many first hand accounts of how these fixes can manifest in your daily life. I recently had a client that I redesigned a bedroom for. We completely emptied her room out, repainted it and intentionally filled the room with only those items that she loved. She purged items in her collections and tons of clothing items. Her room not only looked great but also felt so calm, clean and organized by the time it was ready for her to move back in. I ran into her recently and she looked like a new woman. She had lost weight and looked so transformed that I even asked her if she had fallen in love! And you know what? In a way, she had. She was in love with her newly redesigned room, she was in love with her wardrobe again and she was loving life. She was able to dress up in joy because she could see and access all of the clothing, scarves and accessories that she owned. Before the redesign, her clothes had been so tightly squeezed in her closet and drawers that she really only wore the same couple of items.

The moral of the story is: Dig deep. See how your physical space manifests mental baggage. Then do the work.

[Drops the mic]…

… [picks the mic back up]…Testing 1, 2, 3.

It’s not easy but you don’t have to go it alone. I am happy to help you transform any room in your home so you can finish 2015 like a boss!

Click on the Contact Tab at the top of my website or the Book Now Button so we can schedule a consultation!


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