Eclectic La Jolla Dining Room

Designer For aDay


Do you love the look of a well designed home but are not sure how to achieve it? Maybe you're in the middle of tackling a space in your home and need help selecting just the right furnishing and decor pieces, maybe you're stuck on paint colors or need a path to completion laid out for you to get your home projects completed. Our Signature VIP DESIGNER FOR A DAY service is the solution for you.


Our signature VIP DESIGNER FOR A DAY experience will give you a full six hours of one-one-one Design Time with Rachel.


An example of what our VIP DESIGNER FOR A DAY experience will look like:

 Coffee Walk & Talk: Our experience will begin, coffee in hand, with a walk through of your home project. We will discuss your design dilemmas and come up with a game plan to productively use our time together. I will take copious notes and we'll be off and running.

Morning Session: Online or Showroom Shopping Selections - pull out the credit card because I will be guiding you through the design and selection process either online or at local showrooms. 

Lunch & Learn: You will find out very quickly that creativity takes a lot of energy! We will take this time to replenish our energy, review everything we accomplished in our morning session and make a game plan to finish strong in the afternoon.

Afternoon Session: I will resume guiding your through the design process. We may continue to make selections or we might even move some furnishings around and do some interior styling in your home. 

Wine & Design: A full day of creativity is equal parts invigorating and exhausting. Pour your favorite cocktail, relax and celebrate how productive your VIP DESIGNER FOR A DAY experience was and that your project is now in full swing!

Wrap Up & Follow Up: At the end of our time together, you will have a prioritized checklist of action items to complete your project and I will follow up with an email of "reminders and recommendations" from our VIP DESIGNER FOR A DAY experience.

Our VIP DESIGNER FOR A DAY experience  enjoyable, streamlined, and worth every penny!

"I would highly recommend Rachel Moriarty Interiors. For years, I didn't know how to decorate my living room as it's an odd shape and contained lots of tan and brown (yuk!). So I decided to hire Rachel and she was worth every penny!!! She was really easy to work with and has a great eye for design! I wasn't really sure how she could figure out my style after one meeting but I love the end result. My living room finally feels like home." - Pamela B

The VIP DESIGNER FOR A DAY experience is available to residents of San Diego County $ 1,750.00. 

Use this FORM on the CONTACT PAGE to start the process or to inquire about VIP DESIGNER FOR A DAY experiences outside of San Diego County.