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Have you ever heard words like “your essay paragraphs do not make sense” from your teacher?

Or why do your paragraphs have redundancy and there is no proper beginning or end line?

These questions are heard by every student no matter which grade they are in; you just receive this complaint from your professor and it makes you frustrated too. I know your frustration with writing and the teacher’s demands is on point because no one wants to mess up with things and lose marks. But dear students, your teachers are not at fault too. Even at your best point, you are going to make mistakes in essay writing as you do not know about the proper paragraph structure and you write things without any organization. Every student makes this mistake and the reason behind it is simple, lack of knowledge about essay or paragraph structure. If you want to follow the writing style of a good essay writer, you need to figure out your mistakes and look for solutions. It's time taking but very beneficial for you folks.

However, do not tense yourself because I am here to help you out with it and we can learn about the paragraph structure and the techniques to organize them perfectly.

So, what are we waiting for folks? Let’s get ready to dive into the sea of knowledge and pick out some important points for your help.

Know the Structure of Essay First

Before going into the paragraph structure, you need to get some information about the essay structure and how you have to do the division of a paragraph in your essay.

Basically, the standard number of paragraphs in an essay is 5 but it can vary with respect to the length and demand of the essay. Such as, we have:

  • Introduction

  • 3 body paragraphs

  • Conclusion

Sometimes, you can add more than 3 body paragraphs but the standard length of the essay is 5 paragraphs.

How to structure an Introductory Paragraph?

If you want to get the attention of your readers, you need to write a catchy introduction for your essay. Catchy means always starting with a hook and moving from general to specific as I used to do the same to write my essay and it has helped me a lot in writing a compelling introduction. So, if you also want to structure a compelling introduction, you need to structure this paragraph by following the parameters I am going to explain.

So, are you ready to know how to structure your introductory paragraph?

  • Always start with a hook. The hook can be any quotation, idiom, famous line of the text or some fact related to the essay topic. You can not move beyond the topic and write anything irrelevant.

  • After the hook, introduce your topic with a definition or a broad opening line sentence. You can explain your topic here as well.

  • Move towards the background of the topic. Remember that in the introduction, you are moving from general to specific so, give a short background. Write what your readers need to know about the background and do not include everything.

  • Now that you are done with the general introduction, move towards a specific part and explain what you are going to do in the essay. Like, you can explain the film or novel if you are going to do movie analysis.

  • Move towards the thesis statement. This is the most important part of the essay which gives a road map of your essay but, you have to keep it brief and comprehensive.

How to structure Body Paragraphs?

Do you know what the division of the paragraph is?

Only a few people know about it because either they learned it from their teacher or they practiced it online. Yes, you can always structure your academic paragraphs perfectly if you follow a simple pattern and I am going to tell you what that pattern is.

Can I have your attention here readers?

  • Always start with a topic sentence. Topic sentences are the first line of the paragraph and you need to explain which concept you will discuss in your whole paragraph. Just like you write the topic of the whole essay.

  • Once you are done with the topic sentence, you need to explain it further in a few lines like what is the concept covered in the paragraph and what it really means. This explanation will come in a few lines. You can also take help from an essay writer.

  • Now, you have to go for logical facts and scholarly evidence to back up the claim that you made in the topic sentences. For example, if you said in the topic sentence “globalization Is damaging the local business”, then you have to find evidence that can back up your claim. You can take these resources from scholarly articles and journals.

  • After the evidence, now you have to give some analysis and commentary on the concept. You can go for explaining the evidence and connecting it with the topic sentence or you can add the ideas of others to make your point valid.

  • Conclude the paragraph with a line that sums up the whole argument of the paragraph. And you will follow this same structure in the next two body paragraphs.

It's Time for a Concluding paragraph.

The structure of the conclusion is very simple as you do not need to add anything new to it.

  • Re-write your thesis statement.

  • Explain the main points of the body paragraph.

  • Give a solution or recommendations if required

  • And end up with a catchy line like posing a thoughtful question or statement.

After this guide, if you still think you need help with the paragraph structure then you can seek help from online sources. Such as look for an online essay writing service that proofreads your work for you and provides you assistance. You can ask them to add structure to your paragraph for you, and your essay will be good to go.

Now I think you must have understood what mistakes you usually make in the paragraphs anyhow to avoid them. So, best of luck folks with writing.

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