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Bohemian or Boho Style is influenced by people who are a little on the counter culture side. People with wanderlust, artists and writers. Bohemian style in the home is a mix of the 70's era and global objects, textiles and patterns. Some people come out of the womb oozing this free-spirited vibe and start collections from the get go, spend decades wandering the globe while collecting souvenirs, trinkets and textiles along the way. Their homes are full of life, culture and stories connected to each piece.

These are some of the things that you will need to consider if you are adding this style to your home.


There are no real rules when it comes to color in Boho styling. You'll see everything from white to textured neutrals to jewel tones. It's a matter of personal preference. I started by painting this space in a bright white, that created a nice canvas for all of the patterns and colors I mixed in.

Bonus Tip: "Stick to a relaxing earth toned color palette in a bedroom." - Rachel


Bohemian style is all about layering pattern on pattern on texture on color! This is one of the only places where a Persian Suzani, Indonesian Ikat and Mexican Otomi textiles can live together in peaceful harmony with lush velvets. Every textile that I mixed together on this bed has a different texture or pattern. I stuck to a color palette of mustard, grey, light blue, carmel and pink to keep it cohesive.

Bonus Tip: "In Bohemian Style, more is more. Tassels, fringe and macrame are a must!" - Rachel


Bohemian embellishments include natural materials like wood, rattan and wicker. 70's inspired fiber art, crochet and macrame are a signature Bohemian embellishment. Every item in Bohemian style should be embellished. The wood frame of this mirror has a graphic detail to it, the woven vase has a tassel detail around the neck, the frame is inlaid and even the basket that houses my client's collection of polaroid cameras has fringe around it.

Bonus Tip: "Every good Bohemian room is filled with plants and greenery!" - Rachel


Authentic Bohemian spaces are curated over time. When you are starting from scratch you'll need to use your treasure hunting skills to furnish the space. I sourced furniture for this bedroom from many different sources. I fell in love with the rattan bed in one of my favorite showrooms while on a buying trip to High Point Market. I made a plan and created a high-low mix in this space using both new and vintage furnishings.

Bonus Tip: "A rattan hanging or cocoon chair adds a touch of the exotic to a Bohemian space!" - Rachel


Ambient lighting is the way to go in a Bohemian space. Lamps, lanterns, floor lamps and candles are the way to go.

Bonus Tip: "Llamas are iconic to Modern Bohemian style but use them sparingly. This set of brass llama lamps are an elevated way to incorporate them!" - Rachel

Finally, pull together your Boho room together with a patterned area rug, books, fiber art and well-love objects that you collect from travel. While Bohemian style is eclectic, it can still be chic. Start with a concept or plan and if you need professional help, remember, I'm just a click away.


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