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Week two of One Room Challenge!

ORC Patio Project - Inspiration

You're probably wondering why I'm showing you a photo of my Japanese house shoes, right? I'm sharing it because sometimes inspiration can come in the strangest places. These are a pair of shoes that my son brought home for me from Japan after he studied there for a few weeks as part of his Japanese class. Navy blue and especially Indigo are my favorite colors believe it or not. The shoes with the natural textured sole just checked all of the boxes of things that I love. So this is the jumping off point for me. I love deep dark blues because they blend so well with nearly every color. I tend to use it a lot in my projects because to me it's a neutral and the perfect back drop to add punches of vibrant color! Sounds like the perfect new hashtag! #NavyIsTheNewNeutral!

So here is the concept so far, I know I will be adding accent colors and layers because I'm me but that won't be until the end when I treasure hunt for finishing touches.

ORC Concept Board

Below is a space plan along with a few of the big outdoor products that I found for my project.

ORC Patio Project - Space Plan

ORC Patio Project - Outdoor Sofa

ORC Outdoor Coffee Table

ORC Dining Set

I'm definitely going High/Low in this project, meaning that some items I have to splurge on like the larger outdoor pieces and then I will treasure hunt some of the smaller accents and layers.

I'm leaving for High Point North Carolina to attend the Furniture Market. It's going to be great and full of inspiration but it also cuts a week from my schedule so keep your fingers crossed for me on this one!


Be sure to follow the hashtags #ORC #OneRoomChallenge and head over to The One Room Challenge website to see the featured designers and the generous sponsors that make this challenge possible. Each Thursday you will be able to see the guest participants link up as well.

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