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Midlife Schmidlife Podcast Interview

Now y'all might not know this but I have a not-so-slight obsession with podcasts! I consume podcasts all day, everyday! They are the greatest thing when you are a home based creative entrepreneur! It can get lonely up in here when the hubby is at work and the kids are at school and it's just me, my cat Radar Love and my beloved laptop.

When I was asked to be the first guest on a new podcast called Midlife Schmidlife, I jumped at the opportunity. This podcast is about doing scary things in mid-life and I share my story about my leap from corporate banking to running my own design firm at the age of 45 and everything in the messy middle. I share some juicy stuff about what prompted me to take that leap in hopes that my story will inspire someone else to do the same. What, what? There are even Quote Images from my interview out there on the interwebs?

Start now, in any way.

I'm on a little bit of a podcast-guest-roll. I just finished another interview for a different podcast called "Women's Side Hustle Society" where I chat about how I prepared myself mentally and financially to take the leap into entrepreneurship. A funny thing happened before this one. I GUESS I skipped over the part of the email that said that this podcast will be recorded for the hosts YouTube channel. Rut-roh. This was my face when I found out....


Now, you know me, I'm not opposed to being on video but that morning, the whooooole family was home and I had to take the call in my bedroom. I literally had to kick my husband out of the bed and for some odd reason, I decided to make the bed (intuition?). I had also made a last minute decision to get dressed. Yup, I was still in my jammies. Luckily, the host was kind enough to let me fill in my eyebrows, powder my nose and put some red lipstick on before pushing the record button but still. I will post a link, to the audio, as soon as that one is up!

I also have another podcast interview coming up next month for Just Stay Curious. I will be chatting about self love and self care, a subject I am extremely passionate about. A couple years back I started my own Love Revolution and continue on that journey. I'm excited to talk chat about it in depth. I know it's not design related but it is lifestyle related and Rachel Moriarty Interiors is a lifestyle brand. I'll post a link when that one is up on live on iTunes.

In the meantime, have a listen to my interview here >>>

Podcast Midlife Schmidlife

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