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10 Ways To Make Your New Digs Feel Like Home

We've all been digs, stacks of boxes and more pizza and beer nights than you care to admit. You want it to feel like home....stat!

I've got 10 ways to make your new digs feel like home.


It may look clean already but it's not really yours until you give it a good scrub.

It’s like telling your new place that there’s a new sheriff in town.

Set Up Your Bed:

It’s imperative that you set your bed up first. You spend the majority of your time there plus life doesn't stop because you moved, let's face it, you need your rest.


Clean it, get your adorable shower curtain up and all of your necessities organized. You won’t regret it!

Play Your Favorite Playlist:

Your music in your new digs will help boost your mood and make you more productive as you are unpacking those boxes! Don’t forget to stop for random dance breaks!

Clear The Air:

Throw open the windows, burn some sage and burn your favorite aromatherapy candles. Your nose always knows and we want this place to look, feel and smell like your home.

Hang Curtains:

This is a great way to add your personality to your new space, they take up a lot of real estate, soften the walls and windows and add privacy. If you are a renter and have cheap blinds on your windows…please add curtains. You can always remove them and fill the little screw holes easily.

Focus On One Room:

Maybe it’s your bedroom, maybe it’s your living room. Pick one room that you are going to completely move into, hang your art, get out your books etc….a no box zone. You need one safe haven to get you through the chaos of moving.

Paint Something:

If you can’t paint your walls, paint a little side table of cabinet. It will add your personality into the space and make you smile every time you see it.

Plants And Flowers:

Put a little green or fresh cut flowers in your new space....just because.

Get A Housewarming Gathering On The Calendar Stat:

Nothing will get you to the finish line faster than setting a deadline for yourself. A housewarming gathering is a fun way to do this and nothing makes you feel more at home than getting drunk, I mean, creating new memories with friends and family.

As always, if you would like to hire me to help you feel at home in your new space click on the Hire Me tab and I’ll get right back to you.

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