Futons, Posters and Mini Fridge NO MORE!

Are you fed up “making do” with your old college furniture?


Choose SEXY, QUALITY furniture LIKE A BOSS the first time.

>> Stop wasting money on temporary furniture solutions.

>> Furniture that not only looks good but IS good quality.

>> Peace of mind that you’ve invested your hard earned mula in the right pieces.

Hanging Artwork Rule

of Thumb Visual Guide

>> Art should be hung ‘eye level’ (but not if you are really, really tall).

>> Think outside the frame. 

>> Group smaller art pieces to make a bigger visual impact.

The best days begin after a good night's sleep. We spend a third of our lives sleeping so you should feel refreshed during your waking hours.

>> Sleep Sanctuary 101

>> 3 Keys to promote peaceful sleep in your bedroom.

>> Best plants for your bedroom space.

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