Design + Decor Coaching


My DESIGN + DECOR COACHING service is designed for individuals who need ongoing design advice on an as needed basis. It is for clients who need more than a 2 hour in-home consultation, but less than a full service design project.

Do you enjoy the process of sourcing and purchasing your own furnishings, but need a designer eye to make sure they all work well together? This DESIGN + DECOR COACHING service gives you the flexibility to focus on the things you love about decorating your home and the ability to tap into my design knowledge and expertise when you hit a bump in the road or just need a second opinion from a professional.

This service is perfect for you if...

  • You are purchasing furnishings for your home and need help blending colors and patterns.

  • If you are tackling a remodeling project and need help selecting surfaces and finishes.

  • If you need help sourcing large scale art.

  • If you need help custom ordering furnishing. 

  • If you are hosting an event at your home and want your home to look pulled together.

  • If you want a makeover using your existing furnishings.

  • Holiday Decorating.


​How does it work?

After purchasing the time block that is suitable for your needs, I will call you to discuss in detail and send our design questionnaire for you to complete. Your need can be immediate or for a later project, but please keep in mind that time blocks are good for up to 90 days only. 

DESIGN + DECOR COACHING time blocks can be purchased in increments of 3 or 5 hours.

3 hours for $660.00 or 5 hours for $1,100.00

Once I verify your purchase, I will credit your account the total number of hours you purchased. Each time you request our services - anything from a text message to a shopping day, we will deduct that time from your available time. Time deductions are made in increments of 5 minutes. You can choose to purchase another time block as needed. If after 90 days you still have unused time, they will be considered null and void. There is no refund.

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